Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Non Compos? No Problem!

We've all long understood that accountability among our state employees for the mistakes they make and stupid things they do is basically non-existent. Two recent episodes bring that home very clearly. The first was the complete, criminal screw-up of renovations to I-84 in Waterbury, in which not one, but two, private firms didn't bother to, first, properly build, and, two, check the work on, the roadside drainage system. Kind of lost in the drama was the fact that these two firms had to have been overseen by multiple employees in the state Department of Transportation Thus far, only one such person has been identified, but he was "punished" by being transferred to another responsibility (much like a rogue parish priest quietly being shifted to another flock). A similar scenario is unfolding in the laptop scandal in which a tax department employee allowed a computer with info on more than 100,000 Connecticut taxpayers get stolen from his car. Will he or she be named? Punished? If makes me think that if you're worried about identity theft--which is the whole problem with the laptop dust-up--just become a Connecticut state employee and then get into trouble. No one will ever find out who you are.

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