Friday, January 2, 2009

Idiocracy at WTIC

In casting off Colin McEnroe, its most creative, unpredictable, wide ranging, buoyantly intelligent voice, the management at Hartford's WTIC-AM radio has struck a senseless blow to the heart of Connecticut culture. I understand that financial decisions had to be made. All media in the state are facing similar stresses. But sometimes you reach a crossroads at which you have to decide just what sort of radio station or newspaper or magazine you are going to be. WTIC reached that crossroads and decided to take the low road, the one that goes downhill to the land of the lowest common denominator, a tremendously uninteresting place governed by the endlessly repeated fears and anxieties of its commentators and listeners. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are many things, but they are never ennobling; they never challenge their listeners to go out and do or see something that might change the way they view the world or themselves. I don't want to elevate McEnroe too much; I was not a regular listener. But I do know that Connecticut needs voices like his if we are to remain a state of comparative enlightment and intelligence (and it makes no difference to me whether he is liberal or conservative). His bosses at WTIC made an idiotic decision, and they richly deserve their new reputation.

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