Tuesday, February 5, 2008

For Whom the Polls Toll

Super Tuesday is upon Connecticut and voter turnout is expected to heavy today as for the first time in recent memory the state's primaries are positioned in a point on the calendar to matter. Even though there are only 27 Republican delegates and 48 Democratic ones -- not make or break numbers -- the state enjoyed visits from the candidates over the past few days: John McCain stopped in at Sacred Heart University on Sunday, Hillary Clinton returned to her stomping grounds at Yale yesterday afternoon and the XL Center in Hartford warmly welcomed Barack Obama.

After years of seemingly being late to the party, it's nice to feel like an active (and relevant) part of the nomination process. And with the Democratic contest appearing to be neck and neck, there's a great sense of enthusiasm associated with the primaries, a breath of fresh air in regards to the state's role in the national political scene.

Here's hoping the interest and enthusiasm continues right through November.

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