Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Roll Another One

Maybe Gov. Rell, in her budget address, should have proposed splitting the DOT into three parts instead of two, with the third devoted to truck rollovers. The chaotic mess on I-84 just west of Waterbury this morning was a perfect illustration of why our rails should be used to move more freight, most notably hazardous materials that now mix it up with family vans and hot-headed speeders. The rails aren't completely safe, of course, but the roads have become brutal. For things to change in any meaningful way, someone in Hartford has to want it to happen--and I don't see that sense of urgency right now. Certainly, the DOT isn't going to step up on its own, even with a new commissioner. The governor's office doesn't seem very interested in creating a legacy of greatness or change. Their specialty seems to be quietly sidestepping controversy and not slipping in the polls. But this is an issue that effects the economy and public safety, and you can almost see it getting worse and more dangerous every day. Which one of our "leaders" will take the lead on this?

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