Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Java Support

As the war in Iraq drags into its fifth year and the situation in Afghanistan continues to worsen, there could be no more critical time than now to show support for our troops overseas.

One organization that's brewed up support for the troops is Holy Joe's Cafe, a coffee house ministry run by military chaplains, supported by the United Church of Christ in Connecticut, in particular the Wallingford congregation, where it was created by Tom Jastermsky.

Basically, coffee donations are collected and sent to chaplains stationed in active military zones, who have created coffee houses as a place for soldiers to relax, and if necessary, unburden themselves emotionally and psychologically. The coffee houses also provide an alternative to other forms of relaxation and give one of the things many servicemen miss overseas—a good cup of coffee and a quiet place to talk.

According to a recent article in the Connecticut Post, Holy Joe's Cafe has collected and shipped more than 85 tons of coffee overseas, supplying chaplains at some 57 military bases across the Middle East. The efforts of Jastermsky and the UCC have been well received by the troops, who of course, are always greatly appreciative of support from home.

If you're interested in donating, please visit the Holy Joe's website.

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